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Trading and Tracing On Seafood Sustainably and Safely (TTOSSS)

Category: PSQA projects
Vendor: EPR forum
Item number: 1303

Trading and Tracing On Seafood Sustainably and Safely from Capture to Table.

Main purpose is to help small and medium sized fishing industries eksporting fresh qualety secured seafood products to the Asian marked handling the whole value chain including Public Supervision and reportings.

Compared to the world market the Norwegian industry is microscopic. To be visible Norway needs to promote unique and specialized products of very high quality mirroring the Norwegian topology advantages. This is necessary to achieve high product prices.

Small and medium sized companies have limited resources investing in computing technologies and need to benefit from collaboration with customers, suppliers and authorities both nationally and internationally. Their computer systems need to be based on non expensive Internet solutions and cheap browse-able mobile phones (PDA) as front office units for handling work instructions and work reporting. This situation requires open standards and the need of common non vendor specific "traffic" rules and semantic vocabulary understanding to be able in accessing a lot of different computer systems by help of non vendor controlled XML based "loosely" coupled applications .

The presentation will specifically illustrate why it is important to deal with a hybrid portal technology and explain the necessity of separating the Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) from the Technology Oriented Architecture(TOA) and how SOA and TOA mutual fit together.

This is a use case in how to use generic template processing in "super" portals orchestrating and organizing loosely coupled e-business components (ebXML and Web Services) in underlying legacy and expert systems through the whole supply-chain.

The use case is dealing with all "on demand" e-Business transactions, e-Services and traceability from the capture to the served ,secure and quality based meal.

This use case is a natural next step in the on-going EU project Leonardo da Vinci:

Acronym: TTQ -"Training for Traceability and Quality in the Capture Fish Industry of Europe". http://www.hifm.no/ttq

The business centric approach is dealing with Template technology from OASIS BCM/CAM TC and the eFolder work in OASIS BCM-EPR SC. Hopefully also OASIS RCxml TC .

Hans Arthur Kielland Aanesen

M. Sc. Informatics

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