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SME Small Scale Production

Category: Together with Quality
Vendor: EPR forum
Item number: 1102

"Together with Quality" in SME small scale production and niche products address following goals:

· Effectivety in the documentation of production, of running factory operations and of the products it selves

· Product Quality – quality integrated in product descriptions, reporting, and in the quality chains

· When the registration is done all the administrative work will automatically be filed. All related enterprices will have access to required information

· Online control of risky areas preventing unvanted events to happen

· The value chains in Small scale will be clearly set out and will be a good foundation in the eTracing testing prinsipals.

· Small scale production and niche products will probably be the future products of the Norwegian farming and agriculture.

"Together with Quality" is both a quality co-operation platform and an electronic super structure or Superportal of electronic serveces and legacy systems.

Download whole document here and slide show here ( only in Norwegian)

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