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Preperation of a TV program

Category: TV programs
Vendor: EPR forum
Item number: 5203
Television program about new technology, applications and open standards
Originally we had a plan to make a series of programs. Later on we decided to concentrate on the most interesting theme at the moment, but we are still considering other programs.
First program:
Tracking with accompanying documentation: "This is one way of doing it"
The program shall
· Be a fact program, presenting the hotest theme in Norway at the moment, regarding the recent scandal with the E-Coly bacteria infecting meat products.
· Not be a program criticizing the industry, but rather an informative program showing the new possibilities in protecting themselves from scandals
· Be so interesting that the program will be sent in the most popular broadcasting time
· Not be a debate program itself, but rather be be an initiator for debate
· Produced in a way that makes it easy for translations in other languages
· Support international standardization, and thereby be supported by OASIS, ISO and SIS
· Instead of using real shots from production environment we will consider making an animation program
· Show how electronic supervision and inspection can be carried out, and how the supervision authorety can dictate the industry in implementing it
· Show how the production requirements and verification of the requirements can be carried out satisfactory. We will use the folders along with steering cards layouts as designed in other implemtations ( Home Nursing an Building Construction illustrations).
· Use human speach control in maneuvering within the folders
· Use food as a case study, probably both meat and fish
· Part of the program will consist of different tracking techniques, and other parts will illustrate the needed interaction between the supervision authorety and the food manufacturer
· Trade organizations for different line of business allong with manufacturers will be invited to economically support the program
In the following Tor Haug will give his personal program views in what to be presented and how it might be constructed.
I believe that the introduction shall be related to a negative scenario, with food dangerous for health. Under some circumstances with death as result. The introduction shall also point out that the producers are responsible for quality, while the supervision has a controlling responsibility on behalf of the community. This is two sides of the same issue, avoid that food can be dangerous for humans and be able to track dangerous food when incident occurs. Other aspects of tracking are knowledge that the food has an acceptable origin, that the food don’t have a connection with any kind of criminality (black fishing) etc.
Because tracking is related to tracking techniques the most common techniques must be presented. Everybody has seen EAN codes, but few knows what the lines means. The food might be equipped with temperature buttons. In Iceland they do experiment’s with small balls in the feed which makes it possible to track the feed in the product. Small radio transmitter makes it possible to follow animals on graze.
Tracking makes it possible to follow the whole chain of food from the living situation of the animals through slaughter and participation till food being consumed. Tracking will be a condition for food of high quality. Production and delivering of food with high quality will be the only advantage for a high cost country like Norway. The consumer will demand that all links in the chain must be tracked and documented.
In addition to tracking the whole production must also be documented. The production equipment must be clean. The production in itself must be according to the demand for quality. This will happen through job description and sign for jobs done. I suggest that the program shall show
· Job card which describe cleaning of production equipment with demands for cleanness. The operator cleans the equipment and signs for work done with his own voice
· Job card as production order. Contain receipt, steps in production and reporting parameters. The operator handles raw materials and additives with EAN labels, produce and mark the final products with new EAN labels. Reporting with his own voice.
Documentation will be a part of the production folder.
Distributor takes over and we follow the product to the point of sale. The product is EAN labeled. Temperature buttons will ensure that product has been treated correctly.
Back to the head lines of the program: Tracking with accompanying documentation. This can be shown by looking at the production folder plus folders sorted on products.
We will end up by the food supervision. That supervision will give order of quality demands of the products and how the demands shall be ensured. The supervision have the right to look into the folders by the producers, and ensure that the operators have signed for quality and cleanness. The supervision can also observe the temperature and moisture in the production and store areas. Conclusions will be added to the state report for that producer. The same will happen by the distributor.
It is very clear that those folders must integrate legacy systems in use by the producer.
Through some comments at last parallels can be drawn on similar situation with tracking and documentation. Similarity are within health and care, building industry, medical etc.
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