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NR EPR-concept White paper

Category: Concept and History
Vendor: Norwegian Computing Center
Item number: 2100

The Fundamental report why establishing the EPR-forum:

Architecture, Object-model, Technology and Implementation

Contribution to the EPR preproject (OFU-project)

Version 1.00

Norwegian Computing Center
March 2002

The Reports recommendations in 2002:

NR recommendations included:

Client: We recommend using a standardized browser for the PC clients. We do not recommend to develop a special EPR-based browser, either for the PC, PDA or communicator / mobile phone unless it is strictly necessary.

Server: We recommend a solution based on a J2EE architecture. We therefore recommend a well proven and organized application server architecture based on Java technology. Here it is several products available also including open-source solutions. We would recommend that a well-proven industrial product would be selected. Of course this is a question of economy and availability in relevant operational contexts.

Voice Server: We recommend a solution based on VXML exchange between Web server and Voice server.

Database: Conceptual we recommend that it will be differed between a structured-database and a content-database. We do not recommend any specific type of database system to be used, because it depend on economy and availability. There is no particular reason to choose anything else than a relational database, but there may be developmental benefits in choosing an object database solution for the structured-database.
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