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John Borras

Category: Executive team
Vendor: OASIS
Item number: 6402
- Chair Transformational Government Framework Technical Committee at OASIS
- Chair eGov Member Section at OASIS
- Principle Consultant at CS Transform Ltd
- Consultant at Self Employed (Self-employed)
- Chair Election Services Technical Committee at OASIS

John Borras has spent the majority of his career working on the development of ICT systems, policies, strategies and procedures for central and local government in the United Kingdom. He took early retirement from the Civil Service in 2006 after 38 years service and since have been a self-employed consultant. He has an extensive knowledge of a wide range of issues relating to e-government and e-voting both at the business, information and technical levels. His main areas of expertise are at the strategy and policy levels and he has established himself as one of the UK’s foremost experts on e-government and e-voting standards.
He was the Chief Executive of the Local eGovernment Standards Body (LeGSB), and was responsible for the development of policies and procedures relating to the approval and setting of standards that will support local government meet their e-service delivery targets.
Prior to that he worked in the Office of e-Envoy (and subsequently the Cabinet Office’s e-Government Unit) where he was the Director of Technology, responsible for the UK’s e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) and other e-government and e-voting technical policies and standards.
Before joining the OeE he spent over 30 years in the Inland Revenue, the majority of his time being spent on data and information management and IS/ICT Strategy.
He has represented the UK government on various international working groups, developing e-government and e-voting strategies, data interchange procedures and standards, and enterprise architectures.
He is a past Director of OASIS, the international e-business consortium, and the current chairs of their:
e-Gov Member Section; Technical Committee on e-voting standards; and Transformational Government Framework Techincal Committee.

eGovernment, Interoperability Frameworks, Open Standards, e-Voting, Transformational Government,

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