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IT and Integration AS

Category: Alliances
Vendor: ITI Group
Item number: 6202

IT and Integration AS (ITI) has many years of experience in system integration and networking relevant to the EPR work. Much of the projects over the last couple years have been in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning and Portal Technology. The experience in service integration, engineering, production, sale, logistic and installation will be an important contribution to enabling the services in an OASIS Template driven super portal.

Over the last 10 years, the work has been dominated by open and platform independent solutions based on international standardization, handling different process control busses and TCP/IP networking. ITI has been participating in international standardization work in this area ending up with ANSI/CEA-721 standard (Consumer Electronic Association). Along with ITI's SW team in Integrasoft Srl , they have developed a special Process Server based on the CEA-721 standard. ITI has extensive experience in SW development both on microprocessor technology, mini computers and main frames. ITI has developed its own Real Time operating systems and bus protocols ahead of the international standardization work in CIC. ITI was also the founder of IT & Process AS in Norway delivering energy control systems to the utility industry and do own 30% of Integrasoft Srl in Romania, specialists in audio and video streaming along with home automation.

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