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Category: Actual plans
Vendor: ITI Group
Item number: 6401


EPR-forum has now taken initiative to several Norwegian and EU-programs and projects with its eFolder and PSQA-program.
The first application is on the BIA program. ( BIA funds industry-oriented research )

The project will have the Food value chain for fresh seafood as application area. ( TOSS = Trade On Seafood Safely )

Here is the introduction to the application that is of a more general caracter for the PSQA program that might be some of the spesification for the OASIS BCM-EPR SC.

Project title:

Public Supervision & Quality Assurance Framework:
A True Service Oriented Architecture (TSOA) with a LEGO approach to software engineering.

Short name:
PSQA Framework: eFolder Engine & eFolder Tool

Project objective and sub-goals:

A) PSQA based SUPERPORTALS will achieve great savings in the society costs and quality assurance of services regarding better REALTIME interaction between CITIZENS, INDUSTRIES and PUBLIC AUTHORITIES.

PSQA represent open and common information exchange "traffic rules" in how to integrate and reuse software logic and data among underlying legacy and expert systems through a coordinating and service oriented PSQA hybrid super portal. All based on open SOA standards from OASIS and UN/CEFACT.

B) PSQA super portals will not only be related to the Government interactions of services and reporting but also represent increases in the overall efficiency in any given organization by regulating the information access through a super portal and its agile generated processable templates based on an user/role based architecture.

These overall layers plays an important part in detaching the ICT environment from each other to front a common information access to solve the information jungle problems of today’s architectures

Project summary:

It is essential to emphasize that a true Service Oriented Architecture is here defined, is not dictated by the available technology per se. SOA is an organizational led approach to create software that encourages the use of technology to model and automate the high level services that an organisation delivers to its customers and suppliers. That is, the focus is not on the technology that enables SOA but on SOA itself in this project and its interaction with the underlying systems and above all with the users and end users.

PSQA is merely a way of organizing this process of interaction based upon minimum standards and a methodology as to avoid lock in effects. This agile approach in designing software necessitates and rests upon interaction with its present and potential users and is thus by definition highly dependent upon actively involving the users.

Given the overall importance of seafood for Norway we have chosen seafood as our point of departure.

However the approach and results will be applicable to a wide range of public and private sectors where the need for further integration and interoperability is warranted. Thus the ICT project will have to be developed in close interaction with users through consultations, surveys and mapping of existing solutions high level services WebServices exposure to the PSQA portal.

Subgoal A
To Define and implement an open general Template GENERATOR& PROCESSOR (eFolder Engine) and make an eFolder Tool defining Template classes being available and handled by EPR-forum www.eprforum.no . Some basic template classes will be made according to the OASIS BCM TC specification and a template processor with specification from OASIS CAM TC especially adapted to PDA units. The user/role attached dynamic templates will be processed through the portal by an eFolder engine. Consisting of an eFolder template generator producing dynamical templates (based upon existing templates, onthologies and standards) and an eFolder template processor executing the former. Both templates and eFolders can be suited and defined to its purpose and reused for other purposes and routines in a flexible yet robust way thus providing value to the user and adding value to the services under the PSQA portal.

R&D – challenges

To handle whole value chains common modern super portals needs template processing to interact with underlying information systems (legacy and expert systems). It will be needed dynamic control and integration by help of common and open "traffic" rules and regimes based on eFolder standardized template models.

OASIS has through its specification standards "Business Centric Methodology" (OASIS BCM TC) and "Content Assembly Management" (OASIS CAM TC) defined template specification models and template processing organizing and orchestrating loosely coupled applications (Web Services, ebXML etc).

Regarding eBusiness applications and product/service trace ability, nomenclatures and identification with standards from UNCEFACT and GS1 (UNSPSC) will be of great importance.

In the TOSS pilot project it will be specified and developed a template processor in open source (PHP) based on the fore mentioned standards and specifications. The jCAM processor and its execution in real business cases will be evaluated, tested and adapted to our solution.

The TOSS project will be coordinated with the work in OASIS BCM-EPR SC and through the PSQA-alliance in EPR-forum. The TOSS project work and related TOSS demos will be tried implemented as part of the OASIS test bed in cooperation with OASIS and UNCEFACT,(FAO CFP) European ICT standards (COPRA )

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