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David Webber

Category: Executive team
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David Webber. ( Chair advisory board international for EPR-forum)

David is now a Global Public Safety Expert at Huawei Enterprise Business Group after being working as Information Architect at Oracle Corporation and US Government Contractor.

David has a particular interest in XML and its uses for B2B, eBusiness, SOA and Knowledge management applications. David has a broad range of industry expose in government and commercial sectors incluing Healthcare, DOD, and government adminstration applications. Additionally David has continued to focus on facilitating the development and deployment of semantic registry systems by government and industry organizations. Recently have specialized in application of NIEM to government applications.

With Oracle David is focusing on NIEM and developing interoperable information exchanges. Semantic and rule aspects along with collaborative domain dictionary development. Use of OASIS standards based and open source tools (CAM tools project).
Known as a innovator David has been the genesis of a wide range of world leading solutions including airport gate scheduling for the IAA, buy-repair logistics for the US Army, address synchronization for CTG, SeeMail client for MCIMail, iBolt for Magic Software, ShroudIt! for LNK, Transform and Registry for XMLGlobal, VisualScript XML for Smartdraw.com and eVoting for OpenVotingSolutions.
David has provided XML, SOA and eBusiness consulting to a variety of eGovernment initiatives including eHealthcare, eVoting and KM solutions.
David worked for three years as VP Business Development and Director for XML Global Technologies Inc, a startup focusing on XML-enabled eBusiness middleware components. He is a cofounder of the XML/edi Group and an acknowledged authority on XML and eBusiness.
David is contributes to standards based software technology and is now chairing the OASIS Technical Committee developing Content Assembly Mechanism specifications ( http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/cam ) as a vital component of next generation eBusiness infrastructure.
David has also co-authored a book for New Riders Press entitled "ebXML: The New Global Standard for doing business on the Internet", designed to give managers, executives and business implementer a required understanding of the integration aspects and requirements for doing eBusiness with XML and specifically ebXML.

Contributions to the camprocessor project: http://www.ohloh.net/p/camprocessor/contributors/605143712205832

David received his degree in Physics with Computing from the University of Kent, Canterbury, , in 1976.
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